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Welcome to Grangemouth High School  Music Department

Department Website

Follow this link to access the music department website: The password is available from Music Department staff.

On the website, pupils will be able to access units of work, backing tracks, music etc, giving them opportunities to continue learning outside of school.


Performing Prelims

The music performing prelims will take place for all senior pupils on Mon 30th Nov, Tue 1st Dec and Wed 2nd Dec. Full programmes are expected from National and Higher candidates and Advanced Higher pupils should perform half their programme.

Christmas Concert

The Christmas Concert will take place on Wednesday 16th December in the Assembly Hall at 2.30pm and 7pm. Tickets will be available from the school office throughout December.

Music Department

In the music department, pupils are encouraged to take responsibility for their learning. They are given many opportunities to learn in a creative manner through peer education, co-operative activities and group and individual performing tasks.

Pupils develop skills on keyboard, guitar, drum kit, tuned percussion, bass guitar and voice before making an informed decision on the instrument/s they wish to further develop their skills on.

As well as exploring and performing a wide range of musical styles in class, there are a number of extra-curricular activities on offer to pupils within the music department, allowing further development of skills and confidence. Pupils have many opportunities to perform in class, the wider school and out in the community.

Music Department Staff

Classroom Music Teachers

Miss Stewart - Faculty Head

Mrs Glen

Miss MacPherson

Miss McKell

Instrumental Instructors

Miss J Anderson - Piano
Miss L Anderson - Voice
Mr Brown - Drum Kit
Miss Brown - Woodwind
Mr Connell-Smith - Brass
Mr Jenner - Electric & Bass Guitar
Mrs Hamilton - Violin

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