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Check out the NEW "Taking the Pulse of the UK Economy" page.  Click on the link at the bottom of this pageRelevant business related articles from the news will appear here.  Keep checking this page for updates - regularly!    You can of course find your own articles by reading quality newspapers or by accessing some of the links given at the bottom of this page. 

The most recently updated article will appear at the top of the list below in blue.  You will be asked questions on these articles in class and/or for homework. 

BBC Special Report - Women in the Workplace

17/07/09 - Cadbury workers 'vote on strike'

17/07/09 - Postal staff set to strike again

19/06/09 - Sandwich firm in Administration

19/06/09 - UK car production drops sharply

19/06/09 - Zara profits lower than forecast

10/06/09 - 'Forgotten' rail line seeks boost

10/06/09 - UK aerospace 'facing job cuts'

10/06/09 - Camping sales boost for Halfords

02/04/09 - Job Losses at Aviva

12/01/09 - The Drawbacks of New Technology -


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