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Drama Department

In Drama pupils follow a curriculum that is designed to support all learners in developing new skills in:




All learners have the opportunity to thrive in a welcoming and inclusive environment.


Staff: Mrs M Brown

S1 Drama

In S1, pupils receive Drama on a rotation. They attend for a period for half the year. During this time they will participate in a practical workshops on:

Characterisation, Language and Voice, Mime and Movement and Role Play

Learning is then consolidated by combining all these skills in a group Issue Based Drama.  This is aimed at linking learning to HWB whilst developing creativity, performing skills and social skills.

The Drama Department ensures that the Units of Work are in accordance with the Learning to Achieve Document.

S2 Drama

In S2 all learners further their experiences of Performing and Production.  The department is well equipped and learners gain experience of:

Acting, Set Design, Props Making, Lighting Design, Sound Design, Costume design and Theatrical Makeup Artistry, all in preparation for selecting their preferred assessed option.


Learning is consolidated in a Devised Drama which links to world issues in line with the schools Rights Respecting Ethos.


Pupils will further deepen the knowledge and skills they have acquired by completing units in:

Language and Voice
Mime and Movement
Production Skills (Lighting, Sound, Costume, Makeup, Props and Set)
Career Pathway Education.

These units take the learning to a new level and allow more personalisation and choice with the introduction of Specialist Areas.  It sets up the required skills for progression to the National Drama Courses.