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National Drama

This course is designed for anyone who has an interest in Drama, whether from a personal, vocational or academic point of view, or a combination of these. Throughout the course you will use a variety of drama, theatre and production techniques to explore a range of issues, topics and themes. The activities and experiences involved in the course contribute to your personal growth by developing self-awareness, confidence and social and communication skills.

All pupils will learn skills in Acting, Set Design, Props Design, Lighting Design, Sound Design, Theatrical Makeup and Costume Design. The pupils choose their area of expertise that they present to an external SQA Assessor.



In groups pupils explore issues, topics and themes through various stimuli. They devise and direct others in a short scene within a drama.

We will cover

Language and Voice

Form Stucture and Conventions

Charcter Development

Genre and Style

Themes and Issues

Purpose and Message.


This unit will help prepare candidates for Section 1 in the written exam which is 40% of their overall grade.

Production Skills

In the context of scripted extracts pupils will learn to analyse the textual extract to highlight Moods/atmosphere, themes/issues, character relationships, social/political contexts, message, purpose and tension.

Pupils will gain experience of developing production skills in:

Lighting Design

Sound Design

Costume Design

Theatrical Makeup (always popular)

Props Design

Set Design


Internal Assessment: Continuous throughout the unit.  This unit will help support candidates in Section 2 of their written exam.

Performance Unit

Pupils will integrate and consolidate the knowledge and skills acquired in the first two units by cooperating and participating in the staging of a small-scale production.

You do not have to do Acting, you can chose a specialism of Acting, Lighting, Sound, Costume, Makeup, Set or Props.

Internal Assessment:

Continuous throughout the unit.

Folio of Evidence.

Support Log.

External Assessment:

Visiting Examiner for N5

Internal Assessment for N3/4.