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Performing Music

At Advanced Higher, pupils are required to prepare a 18 minute programme which should include a minimum of two contrasting pieces on both instruments/voice. This will be assessed by a visiting examiner around Feb/March time.

Understanding Music

Pupils will develop their knowledge and understanding of music, music concepts and musical literacy.

Through researching, discussing and analysing a variety of musical styles and periods, pupils will gain and understanding of the structure of pieces and the concepts required at their level of study. Musical literacy skills will also be developed.

At Advanced Higher, pupils will choose a piece of music which interests them. They will study the music and complete an analytical commentary, this can be in the form of an essay or a power point presentation. Advanced Higher pupils will also sit an Understanding Music paper in May.

Composing Music

Pupils are required to experiment using a range of compositional methods and music concepts in creative ways.

Pupils will continually record their progress, showing development of compositional skills and making use of a range of musical concepts. As well as building a bank of short compositional excerpts, pupils are required to prepare one final piece at the appropriate level.

Pupils will have to submit their composition and evaluation to the SQA where it will be awarded a mark which will contribute to their overall award.