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Primary Music

Throughout their primary music education, pupils will develop a wide range of skills in the following areas;



Pupils will be introduced to and learn basic skills on a range of instruments – ukulele, drum kit, keyboard, guitar, voice, percussion. Within class there will be group and individual performing opportunities. Pupils who receive lessons on an orchestral instrument will be encouraged to perform to their peers and further develop their confidence as a performer.  

Understanding Music and Musical Theory

Pupils will listen to a wide range of music, developing their understanding of musical styles, concepts and basic music theory. This will be done through a range of interactive activities.


Pupils will create their own rhythms and melodies. They will work in small groups to create music to portray a short story.


Annual Christmas Concert

Pupils from each of our primary schools are invited to perform at the annual Christmas Concert held at GHS.

Grangemouth Cluster Band

Any pupil who is learning a musical instrument is also invited to attend the Grangemouth Cluster Band. Rehearsals are on Wednesday afternoons from 3.30pm to 4.30pm in the music department at Grangemouth High School.