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S1 – 1 period per week

S2 – 2 periods per week

S3 – 4 periods per week



In S1 and 2 pupils continue to develop skills on a variety of instruments. It is hoped that by the end of S2, pupils will choose the 2 instruments they feel most confident with. These instruments will be their focus in S3 and beyond if they wish to continue with music.

Understanding Music and Musical Theory

Pupils will continue to develop their understanding of musical styles, concepts and musical theory, building on their prior knowledge from primary school.

Composing and Music Technology

Pupils will be give more opportunities to develop their composing skills, through creating their own pieces.

Music technology skills will also be developed. Pupils will learn how to add sound effects to film clips and develop a basic understanding of recording and editing.

Pupils can chose to focus on music and/or music technology in the senior phase.