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Photojournalism Assignment

Higher Photography

Due Thursday 21st August

You have the summer holidays to provide us with an insight into a day within the life of the youth of 2014.

You will present this as a photographic story, including a title through a minimum of 20 images. These photographs can be taken using a DSLR (if you own one), compact digital camera or your mobile phone. The finished (unedited) photographs must be uploaded to your school folders by the end of day on the 21st of August. Saved under Summer Assignment. (A day in the life e.g.)

A photographic story (Narrative photography or sometimes called documentary photography), involves carefully selecting images and scenes to create a story. Rather than focusing on one key moment of an event, narrative photography captures images and moments throughout an event, allowing the story to unfold.


Suggested Titles

A day in the life…..                             The Teenage angle…

Our Days……                                           My eyes…..                     

The view from in here….                          My world……


Possible Ideas

  • Don’t take any images of anyone’s face – keep your subjects and yourself anonymous.
  • Take a photo every hour for a full day – wherever you are whatever you are doing i.e. brushing your teeth, bus stop, at shops, getting ready to go out…….
  • Only take what is above and below you not straight ahead.
  • Take images of what is directly below your feet, maybe including your feet.  In bed, on the carpet, in park, with your friends in a group.
  • Self portraits in mirrors, water, windows and reflective surfaces.
  • Only take images of the people with you not yourself.  (keep their identity hidden by taking them whilst they are facing away or just their hands


Hints and Tips

  • Keep your flash off unless you are shooting at night or in very low light.
  • Always look for a different angle, unusual and quirky angles can work well when telling a story.
  • Work completely in colour.


Assessment Criteria


Your project will be assessed on the following:

Concept – Is your idea innovative, quirky and exciting.  Does it clearly illustrate your day etc?

Quality – Are the compositions, focus and lighting appropriate for the images? 

Accuracy – Do you have at least the minimum amount of images and is the submission on time?

The assignment is due on Thursday 21st August.

Failure to submit the assignment on time or incomplete will result in concern letters being sent home.  So don’t let yourself down!