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 Why we think History is an important subject to study:

Well, apart from the fact we think it’s an enormously interesting subject….there are lots of reasons.

You will learn skills that you can use in other subjects such as recognising bias and exaggeration, evaluating different types of evidence, comparing and contrasting different viewpoints.
You will learn communication skills that will help you when you get a job including literacy skills of reading, writing and speaking as well as presentation skills.
You will learn skills that will help you if you go to college to university such as extended writing,  discussion and informed debate, developing reasoned and justified points of view and research/investigating strategies.

 A bit of extra help from the History department

As for National 5, we also offer Supported Study at Higher and Intermediate 2 as well as access to past exam papers and revision notes.

Pupils who are studying Higher or Intermediate 2 History can also access resources to help them with homework, self-study and revision via our page.  You will need to give your History teacher your email address.  You will then be sent an invitation by email to join our Box page.  Once you have been invited and registered, you can access the log in page for History by using the link below:

Higher History pupils can also access useful revision sites by clicking on the links below:  (SQA site giving marked candidate answers to show the difference between grades.  On the home page click on the drop down menu and select "History")    BBC Bitsize revision site

Intermediate 2 pupils can access the BBC Bitesize revision website using the link below:

National 5 pupils can access revision support on the BBC Bitesize page via the link below:

National 4 pupils can access revision support for Unit Assessments and the Added Value Unit via the link below: