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  • Teaching the course content and checking your understanding
  • Revision of course content
  • Teaching of exam skills
  • Supported Study
  • Offering structured revision notes/guides
  • Providing exam style questions for your to practise at home
  • Marking and providing feedback on your practice exam questions and assessments to help you improve
  • Being available to answer your questions and address your concerns
  • Running Master Classes during exam leave




  • Speak to your teacher – they are here to help you!  Don’t struggle on your own!
  • Start putting extra time and effort in now and it will pay off in the final exam
  • Attend Supported Study – this is extra time set aside by your teacher to help you – please use it, especially in these last few weeks before the exam
  • Plan your revision – prepare a study timetable and do your best to stick to it
  • Work on your weak areas first – these are the priority for improving your performance
  • Use appropriate revision websites to check your knowledge and understanding.  There is a link to the Biteszie sites on the History page of the school website
  • Practise exam style  questions – your teacher can provide these and hand them in for marking
  • Refer to your previous attempts at exam questions eg. homework – what did you do well?  What could you do better?  Take notice of teacher advice.  Apply this to your next attempt at exam questions or redraft the original answers
  • Look over any specimen answers you have been given to see what a good answer looks like
  • Check your notes for gaps – see your teacher for any hand outs you think may be missing
  • Buy a revision guide – use this to help plug any gaps in your knowledge
  • Make use of the resources on



History Department

Welcome to the History home page!

This page will give you some details about the History department, what we teach and why we think History is an important subject to study.

The teachers

  • Ms McQuillan (Room G11)
  • Miss Lambie (Room G14)
  • Mr Wood (G10)


The topics we teach in S1 and S2:

S1:  The Titanic; The Scottish Wars of Independence (Wallace and Bruce)

S2:  The Victorians;  Slavery


If you choose to continue with History after S2 you will study:

S3:  World War One;  The Holocaust


If you choose to do National 3, 4 or 5 in History in S4 you will study:

Unit 1:  Changing Britain 1760 - 1906

Unit 2:  Scotland:  Migration and Empire 1830 - 1939

Unit 3:  Nazi Germany 1919 - 1939

  • All National courses have unit assessments for each of the above units.
  • At National 4, you will also need to complete successfully an “Added Value Unit” (project)
  • At National 5, you will also need to complete successfully an “Assignment” under exam conditions as well as a final exam.

What if you find History difficult in S4?

We offer Supported Study to help pupils, particularly at N5 where there is a final exam to prepare for.  We can also provide practise exam questions and revision notes to help you with your revision.

If you choose to do Higher History in S5 or S6 you will study:

Unit 1:  Britain 1851 - 1951

Unit 2:  The USA 1918 - 1968

Unit 3:  Wallace, Bruce and the Wars of Independence

To pass the Higher course, you will need to pass a unit assessment on each of the units above.  You will also need to pass the final exam.  There is also an Extended Essay which is researched in class and then sat under exam conditions.