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Welcome to the RMPS home page!

This page will give you some details about the RMPS department, what we teach and why we think RMPS is an important subject to study. RMPS is all about life and how humans deal with life’s contradictions, dilemmas and mysteries.

The teachers

  • TBC (Room G16)
  • Miss Cochrane (Room G15)

The topics we teach in S1 to S3:

S1: “What is Religion?”

Pre-Christian Beliefs and Christianity

S2: Hinduism

S3: Questions of Belief and Morality


In S3, you can choose to study RMPS in more detail in our “interest” course, instead of core:

S3 interest course: The Problem of Evil and Suffering

If you choose to do National 4 or 5 in RMPS in S4 you will study:

Unit 1: World Religion: Hinduism

Unit 2: Morality and Belief: Religion and Justice

Unit 3: Religious and Philosophical Questions: The Problem of Evil and Suffering

  • All National courses have unit assessments for each of the above units.
  • At National 4, you will also need to complete successfully an “Added Value Unit” (project)
  • At National 5, you will also need to complete successfully an “Assignment” under exam conditions as well as a final exam.

What if you find RMPS difficult in S4?

We offer Supported Study to help pupils, particularly at N5 where there is a final exam to prepare for. We can also provide practise exam questions and revision notes to help you with your revision.

If you choose to do Higher RMPS in S5 or S6 you will study:

Unit 1: Buddhism

Unit 2: Religion and Justice (2014-2015)

Unit 3: Origins of Life


The department can also offer Advanced Higher, depending upon levels of pupil interest and staffing. Please speak to your RMPS teacher in the first instance if interested.


To pass the Higher course, you will need to pass a unit assessment on each of the units above. You will also need to pass the final exam.