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Keeping up-to-date with what is happening in business and the economy is a key ingredient to success in any Business Education subject.

You can do 3 things from this page:

  • Access information on podcasting
  • Access informaton on receiving news directly your mobile phone or ipod
  • Access the RSS fees for BBC Business News


You can download a variety of Podcasts from this site.  You may find the “Business Daily”, “World Business News”, “Wake Up To Money”, “Money Box”, “Business Weekly” most useful for your Business Management/Economics courses.The length of each podcast will vary. 


Podcasting lets you automatically receive the latest episode of your chosen programme as soon as it's available.  You can "subscribe" to receive a podcast, rather like you might subscribe to a magazine and get it delivered each week. All of the BBC's podcasts are free, and you can stop receiving the files at any time.

Mobile News

The BBC News website is available on mobile phones, PDAs and other wireless handheld devices. Go to the web application on your mobile phone menu and type in  Please check your network charges carefully as you maybe charged for using this BBC service.

BBC Business News: RSS Feed

RSS feeds allows you obtain up-to-date information without having to navigate through website pages.  The technology automatically updates any news to your computer!