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Welcome to the Mathematics department!


The Mathematics Department offers courses in CFE at levels 1 to 4 in S1 to S3. 

S4,S5 & S6 pupils will be sitting N3,4, 5 and N6(New Higher) and N7 (Advanced Higher) is offered in S6.


The principal aims of the Mathematics Department reflect those outlined in the School Development Plan in striving to provide an effective learning experience which will thus contribute to the most appropriate education for each Grangemouth High School pupil.


Mathematics Aims

  • To enable pupils to be successful learners by promoting learning, recognising different learning styles, problem solving, thinking skills and life-long learning
  • To stimulate pupil curiosity, interest and enjoyment in Mathematics
  • To develop enterprising attitudes amongst pupils, in line with CfE and Determined to Succeed, to enable them to be effective contributors to Society
  • To develop pupil awareness of the implications of mathematics for the individual, community and environment
  • To enable pupils to work independently and as part of a team and to be confident individuals
  • To enable pupils to use investigative methods to develop informed opinions which can be supported by confidently reasoned arguments
  • To motivate pupils to develop a range of desirable qualities and attributes such as courtesy, consideration, co-operation, perseverance, initiative, tolerance and respect, thus encouraging them to be responsible citizens 
  • To employ teaching methods which will allow all pupils (irrespective of their gender, ethnic origin, ability, etc) equal access to mathematics

Maths clinic is on every lunch time in S01. Come along to get some support with your maths!

Teacher of Mathematics

Mr Elliott (PT Maths and Business)  Room S03

Miss Cane (maternity leave)  Room S01

Mrs Ronnay  Room S02

Mrs Lauchlan Room S05

Mr Smith  Room S04

Miss McNamee  Room S06

Mr Robertson  Room S07