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Numeracy Across the Curriculum

What is the purpose of the booklet?


This booklet has been produced to give guidance to pupils and parents on how certain common Numeracy topics are taught in mathematics and throughout the school.  Staff from all departments have been consulted during its production and will be issued with a copy of the booklet.  It is hoped that using a consistent approach across all subjects will make it easier for pupils to progress.



How can it be used?


If you are helping your child with their homework, you can refer to the booklet to see what methods are being taught in school.  Look up the relevant page for a step by step guide.  Pupils will have access to copies in school and can use the booklet to help them solve number and information handling questions in any subject.


The booklet includes the Numeracy skills useful in subjects other than mathematics.  For help with mathematics topics, pupils should refer to their mathematics textbook or ask their teacher for help. 




Why do some topics include more than one method?


In some cases (e.g. percentages), the method used will be dependent on the level of difficulty of the question, and whether or not a calculator is permitted. 


For mental calculations, pupils should be encouraged to develop a variety of strategies so that they can select the most appropriate method in any given situation.