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S1 Home Economics Course

Pupils in S1 have a double period of Home Economics throughout the year.

This allows for plenty of time to complete a practical task in one lesson.

Pupils are expected to come to class with an apron and suitable container for taking home the food made.

The course consists of 5 mainly practical units of work.

Unit 1
Exploring Home Economics

Pupils cover the following topics mainly through through practical activities:

Personal, kitchen and food hygiene.

Safety in the kitchen.

Weighing & Measuring.

Using the cooker.

Basic practical cookery skills

Unit 2
Food for Festivals and Celebrations

Pupils learn about the range of worldwide Festivals and Celebrations that take place throughout the year.

Pupils make a range of food items that are suitable for eating at a celebration or festival.

They then design, make and evaluate their own celebratory food.

Pupils also research two festivals/celebrations of their choice and present their findings to the class.

Unit 3
You are What You Eat

Pupils learn about the 5 main nutrients, their function and the food sources of each.

They also learn about the role of dietary fibre and water in the diet.

Pupils cook a range of dishes rich in each nutrient

Unit 4
Design & Make a Glove Puppet

In this unit of work pupils learn how to design and make a simple glove puppet.

They learn:

basic fabric construction skills such as cutting, pinning, tacking and machining.

safe use of equipment such as scissors, pins and needles.

safe use of the sewing machine.

how to apply surface decorations.