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Technological Education

Pupils will cover four discrete subject areas in technological education. These are, craft and design, graphic communication, technology and product design.

Design & Manufacture
The contribution and influence of design and technology on people’s lives and on society is a major feature of craft and design
Pupils will design and make projects and because of the practical ‘learning-by- doing’ approach of craft and design, it is a subject in which pupils can experience enjoyment and satisfaction while working with a range of materials.

Graphic Communication
The ability to communicate effectively is essential in the modern world, therefore, pupils are encouraged to appreciate the importance of graphic communication as an international language.

The course will provide the opportunity for pupils to encourage a wide range of graphic techniques, including computer graphics

Useful Websites

CDThelp Mainly graphics help but useful for learning about all Graphics Courses.

Royal High School Techy Dept
Lots of good folios and other Graphics and Design examples.

Design & Manufacture Course NotesThis may take a wee while to download - it's approx. 25mb - and it's a *.pdf so make sure you have the Free Adobe Reader. It covers - concepts, practice taks, notes, terms, info etc etc.

Design & Manufacture HW Sheets
This may take a wee while to download - it's approx. 25mb - and it's a *.pdf so make sure you have the Free Adobe Reader. This is for HW.

Higher Graphics GK Notes
This is 50mb plus, so may take a minute to download. These notes cover most - not all - of the GK Written Questions knowledge required in the exam. It's a condensed version of all the notes on the School Shared Network.

Downloads and Links


 Young Women into Engineering in Association with CITB and ICE Scotland

Six pupils along with Miss Graham attended the “Young Women into Construction Activity Day”. This formed part of celebrating Scottish Apprenticeship week overlooking the site where three bridges will span three centuries at the Forth Bridge Education Centre. The event was run in partnership with CITB and the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) Scotland.

The Institution of Civil Engineers also launched a Scottish campaign to promote ”Eng Tech Now" and had pupils building a 5 metre bridge as part of this launch.

Grangemouth High School were invited along with St Columba's High School and Queensferry High School to take part in this fantastic event.

The girls thoroughly enjoyed the event and returned to school enthused about engineering and design. Thanks to Sharon Edgar, CITB Construction Careers Advisor and Mrs Campbell for giving us the opportunity to participate in such a great event.