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Young Ambassadors and Young Leaders

An Ambassador is a diplomat appointed to represent a group of people, they are an official messenger and representative.

Young Ambassadors are the most outstanding sports leaders in school. They are selected due to their sporting talent, and more importantly, due to their exceptional commitment and ability as young leaders or volunteers. The programme seeks to develop young leaders and volunteers further by providing them with the responsibility of being an ambassador for PE and school sport. A Young Ambassador/Young Leaders role is to increase participation and healthy lifestyles, promote the positive values of sport, be a role model in advocating PE and school sport and be the young people's voice on PE and school sport in their schools and communities.

All Young Ambassadors and Young Leaders are responsible for increasing participation, promoting healthy and active lifestyles and promoting the values of Respect, Friendship, Excellence, Courage, Determination, Inspiration and Equality. At Grangemouth High School we have 6 Young Ambassadors and 20 Young Leaders from S2-S6.

To be considered for the role of a YA/YL our person specification to aid in selecting members for our team are:

Essential and Desirable requirements

Able to inspire other young people.

Sound presentation skills.

Excellent communication skills with both adults and pupils.

Involvement in other areas of the school.

Ability to show initiative and take responsibility.

Ability to portray a positive image and be a good role model to young people.

Be organized and have good time management skills.

Commitment to improving their personal performance.

Is well respected by staff and pupils.

Engagement in volunteering.

Mission Statement:

At Grangemouth High School we aim to create an environment that encourages high expectations for success and respect, where sport and physical activity is valued through participation and leadership opportunities. We strive to have pupils, staff, parents and community members actively involved in our Raising the Bar project.

After the success of our Sport for All project in 2013-2014 we aim to build on this and Raise the Bar as a legacy of Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games.