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School Uniform

As part of our drive to create and maintain a positive learning and teaching environment within Grangemouth High School and also strengthen relationships with the wider community, pupils are expected to wear school uniform.  

The wearing of formal schoolwear is common in schools across Scotland and is recognised as making a major contribution to promoting positive behaviour and improving school ethos.

Our main reasons for having a School Uniform/Dress Code are:

  • It identifies everyone with Grangemouth High School - pupils should be proud to be part of our school and show that pride by wearing the appropriate uniform.
  • It helps with safety and security.  We can much more easily identify any strangers who might come into the school grounds. 
  • It removes the element of competitive dressing

It is important that pupils dress properly for school and the vast majority of parents support this.  Increasingly local authorities have also been lending their support to the drive to have a positive attitude to school dress, Falkirk Council is no different.

A School Uniform does not by itself make a good school - but it is widely seen as being an outward sign of a school that is confident and valued by pupils and parents alike.  School uniform items are readily available at reasonable prices.

School uniform:

  • white shirt or school blouse
  • junior or senior school tie, as appropriate
  • plain black cardigan or jumper
  • optional black blazer with school badge
  • black trousers or skirt
  • black shoes

The school uniform is not "anything as long as it is black or white", nor does it include leisure wear such as track-suit bottoms, or casual wear such as t-shirts, shorts, or cropped tops.  Football tops are not allowed . 

Pupils are expected to bring a change of clothing for PE and should not wear this clothing either before or after the PE lesson.

Excessive make-up and jewellery are not considered appropriate for school.