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Pastoral Care

All teachers have a role to play in the general care and welfare of our pupils and in achieving the aims of GIRFEC (Getting It Right |For Every Child). The Pupil Support team exists to supplement this first level of support and to provide specialist guidance to pupils on an on-going basis or as required from time-to-time.

Pastoral Care is organised on a House basis, each pupil belongs to one of three Houses (Avon, Carron, Kerse) and to a form class within that House when he/she enrols. For each pupil, the key contacts are the Principal Teacher (Pastoral Care) for his/her House and the Form Tutor. Pupils with additional support needs will have a key worker from within the wider pupil support team as well as being supported by one of the Support for Pupils PTs.

Form Tutors provide first level pastoral care and help all pupils by:

  • providing daily contact and support
  • taking an active interest in the pupils in their group
  • providing first level communication for pupils and their parents/carers
  • promoting the school? values and aims and a positive ethos
  • being aware of the network of support for pupils
  • bringing to the attention of the appropriate Principal Teacher any pupils who may require additional support

In addition to the above, the Principal Teachers (usually referred to as Support for Pupils PTs) provide a second level of pastoral support, including:

  • developing and implementing programmes for personal and social education, health promotion, and careers education
  • monitoring attendance, absence and punctuality
  • dealing with bullying and relationship issues
  • providing personal support for individual pupils
  • supporting pupils at points of transition
  • monitoring progress, including behaviour, effort and homework
  • intervention to support pupils at risk
  • liaising with partner agencies, including the Educational Psychology Service, Health Professionals and Social Workers, Family Support Workers, Skills Development Scotland, and the Reporter to the Children's Panel.

Parents/Carers are welcome to telephone to make an appointment with their child's Support for Pupils' PT if they wish to discuss any matter concerning their child.