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Learning Mentor Programme 2013-14

This term we are offering Learning Mentors to identified S4 pupils.  A key role of the Learning Mentor will be to build a relationship with the young person and generally support them through prelims and in the lead up to final SQA exams.

Why is mentoring a good thing to do?

There is general recognition that quality mentoring helps to build capacity for learning and resilience to manage stressful situations. The emotional bond which can be developed over a sustained period of time is a strong protective factor for vulnerable young people.  A good mentor can provide a neutral lens to help pupils rationalize what they have to do in the time available to them.

What do we want to achieve through Learning Mentoring?

    Early intervention through the systematic identification of young people who are off track in their learning or are vulnerable for other reasons.

  • Individuals are supported over a sustained period of time.
  • Young people are supported and challenged to be the best that they can be.
  • Individual achievements and learning milestones are praised leading to increased motivation.
  • Individual attainment improves.
  • Learner’s wellbeing is supported through developing resilience, confidence and decision making skills.
  • Parents and carers are engaged in supporting their child with learning at home.

Should you have any enquiries about Learning Mentors please contact Mrs N. Masterson (PT Support for Pupils).